Equipment To Help You Stay Safe While Taking A Bath

It’s a sad truth of life that as we age, our mobility and reflexes begin to fade away. This leads lots of people to reside in worry of setting about their lives. Studies state that there are over 200,000 restroom accidents in the United States every year. This accounts for over 70% of in-home accidents. And while not only the senior fall into this category, they certainly make up the vast bulk of this figure.

The materials used for making shower benches are rust-proof and water resistant. This makes sure that the shower bench lasts its lifespan. To prevent slip while being seated, the surface area of the transfer chair is often textured and slip-resistant. Transfer grab bars are made from light-weight compounds for easy transportation and movement. Some designs are connected to the wall that you only need to pull it down if required.

Toilet: If your loved ones have difficulty standing up from a low toilet, acquire an elevated seat. There are lots of types offered; I advise those with connected armrests, if area permits, that fit straight over the current seat. They are simple to install and do not appear to get in the method when others utilize the seat. There are simple to attach stand-alone armrests if the toilet height is alright as is.

If you occur to have some issue with impaired movement, a bath chair with rollers on the legs might be of fantastic help to you. You can scoot around in the bath tub prior to it’s filled with water and after that again after your bath to help you move closer to the elderly bath chairs door.

The depth of the basin should be no more than a number of inches. The bottom of the basin needs to be rough to supply a safe and secure footing. Mind the algae growth. Sand papering the bottom helps eliminate it. Put in a layer of gravel or pebbles if you’re using a plastic basin. Do not place the bird bath near a feeder, since the droppings will nasty up the water. Putting a small water pump (a small fish tank one) covered with pebbles to create an artificial fountain is a sure shot way to draw in birds.

Bath lifts do what the name indicates: they lower you into the tub and lift you back once again. If you don’t want the expenses or disruption of having a walk-in tub installed, they’re an excellent option.

Bath chairs can assist you if you have pain in the back or knee discomfort from arthritis or simply plain stiffness. And if you get a design with armrests to utilize in your walkin tub, you can provide yourself with an additional step of security when taking your bath. Relaxing in the ideal warm bath in comfort and safety, absolutely nothing could be better than that.