5 Tips For Starting A Career In Social Media Today

There are a lot of scams that will try to tell you that there are easy ways to make really fast money online, but there are also a few legitimate ways to produce some serious cash flow. If you know how to weed through all the deception and scams, then you can quickly start producing some money on the internet in your spare time.

If you have marketed for a while you should know that nobody wants to be sold to. So, if you’re sending tweets on My Twitter that link directly to an offer you’re seriously shooting yourself in the foot!

How are you going to satiate the reader’s obsession if you try to write about something you don’t know about. You can do all the research you want on a subject matter but you will never be an expert on it. If you write an article on carpentry but never even held a hammer in your hands or are not even remotely interested in the trade, this will show in your writing. A few poorly written and uninteresting eBooks or articles will do more damage to your credibility than a ton of well written ones will do good.

Submit your content to bookmarking sites. OnlyWire allows you to syndicate your blog posts to 42 social networking sites, including Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit, for free with a single click.

There are various programs that will do all of these services, and most of them are free. TweetAdder is $55 for one account; up to five accounts can be handled for an additional $19. Why would you want extra accounts? I have a general account, which is centered on businesses and internet marketing; I have just started a second account, which will be centered on local tweeters, based on zip code. The affiliate program is great; 50%. Sell 2, and your program is free.

In less volatile times and when buyers were less cautious and tight-fisted with their money, newbies running businesses could attend a seminar or two to discover proven formulas for marketing and sales and they were on their way. Currently, it’s more like flying by the seat of your pants.

Next time I ruin dinner because my mind is on other things I will suggest take out. If take out is not an option I will make sure I let my husband know before I start dinner about my day so we can work together on dinner (avoiding the ruined meal).

Not only is this free advertisement, but it also is a way of branding myself. If you want to use the Internet as a way of making yourself and your name recognizable always remember these two thing and that is to always be careful WHAT and WHERE you post, because you never know when it will come back to haunt you!