Are You Smelling Car Trouble?

You’re probably conception this and wondering why in the planet this isn’t being deposit into each car being made in America and around the planet? Good Question! And if I wasn’t so cynical, I’d say it was since they solely haven’t heard in this area this breakthrough energy producer yet. But this equipment has been around pro almost a Hundred Years!

The stock intercooler does a decent job up till about 17psi on the stock turbos, after that you would probably notice a significant gain, especially in warmer temperatures, with a nice front mount intercooler. However keep in mind it will block some of the airflow to the radiator as catalytic converter recycling well as decreasing response slightly.

The general consensus is 17-18psi. Some people have taken it higher, but I don’t recommend it if you don’t have the money for a turbo replacement/upgrade.

Hydrogen fuel cells are based on the fact that water is composed of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. A very simple “converter” is added to your gas- or diesel-burning engine. A small amount of electricity from your engine is sent through a quart-size container of water and possibly some baking soda (an every-day kitchen item). This causes the water to be divided into hydrogen and oxygen.

Each and every car coming off US and UK forecourts must contain a catalytic converter. No such legislation pertains to hydrogen fuel. catalytic converter recycling are sourced by manufacturers at a massive $350. That is the cost price. And what do they achieve? All they do is burn off the 70% of wasted fuel from the engine and put it back into the atmosphere. This is supposed to be non-harmful, but the professors are still out an that that judgment.

By using electrolysis, you can take ordinary water and break it down to its core elements of hydrogen and oxygen. Actually, the hydrogen atoms remain bonded together and the resulting structure is known as HHO or Brown’s gas.

Consider purchasing a motion activated light for your drive and possibly a surveillance camera if you have to park your vehicle on outside the home (and not in a garage). Motion activated lights switch on when motion is detected and can be enough to put criminals off. Getting an external power source fitted can be expensive – solar powered security lights that don’t need a power source to be fitted may offer a solution.

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