Article Writing Jobs – Earn Supplemental Income On Your Spare Time

As the trend of posting projects online is increasing rapidly due to the popularity of outsourcing, it is essential to learn how to write an effective project description before posting it online. Project planning and writing well formed job descriptions for your projects are important factors whilst learning how to outsource. We should keep in mind a good deal of things when writing an enticing project description, our rudimentary aim is to construct a description that is appealing to providers, specifies the category completely, and depicts the work required in a very detailed and comprehensive fashion so that the person that is reading wont lose interest when reading it .

Give your service providers detailed See my project grow. Take all the time that you need when writing your project specs. The more detailed you make it, the higher your chances of getting the exact articles that you really need. Tell your ghostwriter about your chosen topics and the keywords that you want them to target, the required word count, your preferred writing style and tone, etc.

Frankly, many of these projects are pretty genius. And with the right tools and a little patience, you can master some of these looks for very little capital investment.

If they can’t take time to address my needs, then they obviously don’t have time for their clients. I look for people who mention my project in their listing. Yes, I’m a selfish WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) bastard but as a buyer, you have to be!

The list of what VA’s can do it limitless. I had one client who is starting an ecommerce website have his VA research where he could find a drop shipper for the products he was looking to sell. I personally have used a VA to design documents, proof read documents, design logos, research products that I am in the market for. Currently, I am having a VA research the best lawn mower for my needs and provide a recommendation, as well as finding me the best deal.

Test small first. Start small by giving your writers small project batches to see how they fare and what kind of work they produce for you. If their work is good, offer them more! This is a simple way to test the waters first before you offer them more expensive projects.

Not checking the articles. No matter how much you trust your ghostwriters, you need to check the articles that they send you before you use them on your website and on your article marketing campaign. Remember, these articles will represent you in the online arena so you better make sure that they’re at least close to perfection.

Hope you got value from these little tips, based on my own experience. If you’ve never used Elance before, I do urge you to consider it. It can really free up your time and focus.