Better Service Equals Better Health

At some point in the caregiving journey, most caregivers will feel they need help in providing care. You can enlist the help of family or friends, find some help from your local health system, or you can hire someone. If you are hiring someone you will most likely be hiring what is called a home health aide. Other names may be a companion, home care worker, Nurse’s Aide or Care Aide.

We had my mother in our home health aide salary for eight years; the first four were easier than the last. In the beginning, Mother could take care of herself with little help. She could manage her meals (if prepared ahead of time) and go to bed and get up when she wanted. I did not worry about her falling out of bed.

Men drown when fishing boat capsizes – LakeVanBuren Township, Mich. – Divers have recovered the bodies of two men, ages 43 and 63 who drowned after their fishing boat filled with water and capsized about 25 feet from shore. One of the three men in the boat survived, however none were reported as wearing life vests.

Stay on the safe side of the road and the only way to do this is by having a plan for your future healthcare. It is not wrong to take risks in life but you can try this in other areas, not in long term care.

With the baby boomers retiring, healthcare will become a growing area of our economy. Any direct or indirect job that involves healthcare will always be in demand. Even if you feel you don’t have a scientific mind or if you don’t want to deal with sick people all day, you can still find work as a social worker or in insurance, medical transcription or billing. Home health care will be a booming area, so even if you don’t want to be a home health aide salary, you might find work in administration as a scheduler for instance.

Man exits shower, finds burglar in living room – Rochester Hills, Mich. – It was about 6:30 p.m. Monday evening when a man stepped out of the shower and found a man standing in his living room. The resident said the other man ran out of the apartment with his X-box. While the resident chased the man on foot, it was to no avail. He returned to his apartment and called 911. The sheriff’s office used a K9 to track and search for the man, however unsuccessful. Police believe the suspect was picked up in a vehicle.

Valuing yourself means you have come to grips with who you are, you are continually working to improve yourself and in the mean time you appreciate where you’ve come from, the good qualities you have and what you have accomplished so far.

Think of long term care as one of the basic necessities of life. It’s no different than shelter, clothing and food because it’s something that we need, maybe not now but in the future. So who should buy long term care insurance? Everybody.