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Several of my guy friends have been coming to me for girl advice recently. “I don’t understand them” they’ll whine, “what they want from me!” Well, after a while I just start to feel sorry for you boys that are left out in the dark about what we girls want, though goodness knows there are enough “Get the Girl of your Dreams in 10 minutes” books and self-help manuals out there to guide you along. But maybe, you just need the basics hammered into you by someone from the inside. So, for the sake of all my friends, and all you adorably -or maybe not so much- clueless hopefuls out there, I’m going to tell it to you straight.

For example, C.S. Lewis, who wrote “The Chronicles of Narnia”, once told the story of a woman who was thrown into a dungeon. Her only light came from a barred window high above. She gave birth to a son, who had never seen the outside world. He couldn’t reach the window to see outside, so his mother told him about green fields and waves crashing on the shore-but he couldn’t imagine what she was describing. Eventually, she persuaded the guards to give her some paper and charcoal so she could draw pictures to show her son what the outside world was really like-but what the boy came to understand was that the outside world looked like black lines on a white piece of paper.

To grab a visitor, you need to get that visitor’s email address, with permission of course. Having the email address allows you to send weekly (or more often) newsletters or information emails. To get an email address onto your subscriber list, you will need a subscriber opt-in box.

Spend time with her. Not just sitting together in the same room watching television. Go for a walk, anything to spend some time alone together, exclusively, with just each other. Don’t invite any friends or third wheels along.

We can’t understand things we have not seen. We have to accept them by faith, just like we have to accept God’s Word by faith. Even the world’s greatest preachers have trouble understanding the Word of God. Billy Graham once had a struggle with the truth of God’s word, but one evening he knelt by a tree stump and declared to God that he would accept God’s Word by faith.

If you are noticing behavior changes like these then you need to confront your partner and find out what is really wrong. You need to start talking to each other, now, before things go from bad to worse to broke. But be prepared for an answer you might not like, because no how to get your ex boyfriend back breaks down just because of one person.

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We are valued and adored by the Most High King. As a result, He shows us special kindness and empowers us for great things. This is the divine and profound experience of His Love. This is the result and lasting effect of knowing God, and it is by walking in this WAKE that we overcome feelings of inferiority, insignificance, and worthlessness. This is how we develop confidence in ourselves, rise above devastating ordeals, and heal.