Create Success Here And Now

War hero J.R. Martinez performed the most emotional dance in thirteen seasons of Dancing with the Stars last night. After his riveting rumba with partner Karina Smirnoff to Tim McGraw’s “If You’re Reading This,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house or in all of TV land.

What is an accountability partnership? Well, I’m glad you asked. An Accountability Partnership or (AP) is a relationship with one or more people designed to hold each other responsible for keeping a commitment or performing a task. The partnership is most effective when there are clearly defined rewards, benefits or consequences for performing the defined behavior. APs were popularized by the 12 Step process used in addiction treatment. Today, corporations, non-profits, social workers and schools are all using AP to achieve results.

Finally sports motivational speaker I would start looking for people with group A characteristics in my hiring. Find them and hire them as soon as possible, because what you have today at your business will already motivate them to be successful and help grow your business.

So are you interested in taking the next steps towards a life with more money in it? Yes? So you’ll be needing to choose a skill set that will get you there, whether it’s qualifications for a better job, training in how to set up and run a profitable business, learning a share-trading “system”, or whatever you need for your chosen path.

It’s often said that success is 20% skill set and 80% mindset, and yet if you look at how people approach the goal of getting more money, you’ll find that most of them will devote a lot of energy and dollars to learning a skill set, but do almost nothing to get the mindset of a winner.

Nick: I would have to say Reggie White because he was still in the prime of his life and he was starting to positively affect peoples’ lives as a sports motivational speaker. He seemed like such a good guy and it was sad to see him go so early. Derrick Thomas’ death was also pretty sad and similar in the way it happened to White’s.

When your employees are involved in your business from their heart, they take pride in what they do, who they are and pride in the business. They want to work, they want to produce and they want the owner and the business to achieve.

By the time the business owner becomes very, very successful almost everyone in the business is on a great pay packet. Because everyone is productive.