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Houston has a rich tradition of spectacular athletes. In basketball, Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Calvin Murphy and Elvin Hayes played here.

Hayley has become an national star registry very quickly, but she has not let it go to her head. Giles Martin produced “Pure”; upon meeting the producer Hayley asked if she could make him a cup of tea.

“I want…to pass…it on,” flowed like liquid silk from the singer’s lips as he concluded the Kurt Kaiser classic. As he sang, the group had begun shaking hands and hugging around the circle, finishing with the end of the song.

My Opinion On Squawkers the Macaw – For Real Pets are cute to play with, however they always end up on the shelf. I think $50.00 is a little steep on this one, even though it is fun to play with. If your kid loves stuffed animals, and play with them, then it’s worth it. If they don’t then Squawkers will end up collecting dust.

5) The Seventh Seal – Ingmar Bergman introduces us to Death in an unusual way with a showdown in a chess match. The stakes are high and the story is enticing as you watch and learn about questions of life. Very cool film from 1958 that should not be missed.

10) Case Keenum, Houston Cougars. He had a tough act to follow after four years of Kevin Kolb at UH, but Keenum has emerged as a star. In his first year in a new offense, Keenum has thrown for 4,768 yards and 43 TDs. Keenum needs 373 yards in the Cougars bowl game to eclipse David Klingler’s single-season mark of 5,140. Klingler did play in just 11 games, compared to 13 for Keenum. But Keenum is just a sophomore, and to already have his name in the conversation with players like Klingler speaks volumes. Keenum managed his numbers without a go-to receiver and was a master at second-half comebacks. Should be fun to watch the next two years.

4) Andre Johnson, Texans. He gets a lot of attention because he plays a glamor position, but Johnson is a spectacular player who has probably been the best Texan during his career. He is a rare blend of speed and power, and he has improved every year. You can make a case for Johnson as No. 1 on this list.

2) Lance Berkman, Astros. Before you say the Puma doesn’t belong here, consider his entire career. He is the Astros’ most feared hitter with a career .302 average, 288 HR and 961 RBIs for his career. Much of his career, he has been the one player in the lineup opposing pitchers have to account for and pitch around. But lost in his Astros career is what he did at Rice. He hit 67 HRs there, including 41 in 1997, the third-highest single season total in NCAA history. He led the Owls to their first College World Series appearance and helped make them one of the best programs in the nation. For his overall impact at the college and pro level, you could easily make a case that the Puma is No. 1.