Essentials Of Internet Marketing – How To Make Blogs

So you have head of “Web 2.0 Marketing” and would like to know how you can apply this in your business? In this article we will cover the top 10 strategies that work for me in my business and how you can use them.

Once you sign-up for hosting, you will receive an email with your login information. You can then login into cPanel with that information. This lets you manage all the various aspects of your hosting account, including setting up your email accounts and installing WordPress.

You don’t want to be stuck, and you don’t want to have to spend a higher monthly fee just because you thought of another website to create. If you can pay $10 per month for unlimited domains, that’s great.

Remember you are looking for targeted traffic. You will see ads that will offer you thousands of leads that will build your business. One of the pitfalls of ordering leads is that you may be getting someone who filled out something for free, and have no concern for your offer. So you pay for them and then get jolted into reality. They did not even know what they were signing up for. Some lead places are better than others, so if you do use leads, study the company first.

After you have a portfolio of published articles or photos you can submit a request for media credentials to an event you want to attend. There are deadlines to submit credentials so make sure to check at least a month in advance. Just click on media on the website and there will be either a form to fill out or an email for the Public relations person. Send a nice email for a credential request or submit the form and hope to hear back. Sometimes you need a letter of recommendation or a business card so be prepared. Bring business cards to the event as well.

Next, you need to have a host. This is typically referred to as a top 10 web hosting company, in which you will pay to store your files for you. They do this by charging you a monthly rate to host with them. However, stay clear of hosting your blog with free host because if you dive deeper into there TOS (terms of service) you will find that they can terminate your account at anytime. Thus, you could lose all your material with a click of a button. Always pay for hosting because you will own your blog, and as long as you aren’t doing something illegal there is no way you can get shut down.

Many Hosting companies take a long time to get back to you and some don’t even have a phone number listed. You can get an idea about how good customer service is by contacting them anonymously with a question. See if they answer the phone and/or get back you quickly. This will help you gauge how long it will take them to get back to you once you’re a paying customer.

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