How To Choose A Baby Crib Mattress

Getting the best crib mattress is a difficult task. Even a good quality bedding product would cost you more then the ordinary one. Once you do a big investment it is also necessary to maintain it so that it would last for long. Even if you get the mat which prevents dust, microbes then also it is important to keep it clean. Cleanliness is necessary to maintain because it helps in protecting your baby form any disease or infection. Washing it is not only the solution to keep the mat clean because it could not get completely dry. No matter whether the mat is thin or thick, if it is washed then after drying the moisture inside the mat will not get dried.

The pad is a two in one reversible; there is a quilted teddy bear pattern on both sides. And the pad has a built-in, waterproof inside layer that protects the graco reviews and baby. It also has a form-fitting, wraparound skirt which secures to virtually all standard-size cribs (28″ x 52″) and toddler beds. The product is fairly durable and provides good stain resistance. Care calls for machine washing on a warm, gentle cycle, and tumble-drying on a low setting.

Buy a firm mattress! If the babies turn over at night, it’s hard for them to lift their heads out of a soft mattress. To verify firmness- hold the mattress by placing your hands in the center on both sides, and compress. The tougher it is to press the mattress, the more firm it is.

A baby carrier or sling is great because it keeps your baby close to you while freeing your hands. I found that my babies were a lot happier during the first few months in a baby carrier. Later on they learned to like the stroller – but not before the age of nine months. Of course, each baby is different.

Parents should make sure they purchase a sturdy baby crib. A well-made, stable baby crib is still the safest place to sleep for smaller infants. Parents should look for the JPMA seal to make sure the baby crib is a safe crib insuring it meets all safety standards.Small infants should be placed on their backs, with no padding or pillows. A firm mattress is suggested to prevent SIDS as well.

The basics of any crib bedding are pretty similar to adult beds. You will need a crib sheet and a blanket. Make sure to get a sheet that fits the size of the mattress you purchased. Most crib mattresses are produced in a standard size these days, but that doesn’t mean that every crib sheet is created equal. It is absolutely necessary that the crib sheet fits the mattress very snug so that your newborn can’t pull it out from under the mattress. Just make sure to test the sheets out on the mattress long before you bring your newborn home.

Make sure crib mattress fits comfortably with merely two (2) fingers width between mattress and crib side and it should be firm. A mattress that is too small or too soft increases the risk of entrapment or suffocation.