How To Get Help For A Teen Pregnancy

In 1999, photographer Michael Clancy was hired by USA Today to photograph a ground-breaking in-womb procedure on a baby at 21 weeks’ gestation. A sonogram showed that Samuel Armas was going to be born with spina bifida. But surgery was performed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to correct the defect. Armas was then carried by his mother for a normal remaining pregnancy.

Before you go marching at the front steps of an klinik aborsi raden saleh clinic, look in your cupboards. Did you have bacon for breakfast? Then you too my friend have committed a sin in the bible. This verse speaks of the treatment of pigs, Leviticus 11:8, “You shall not eat of their flesh nor touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.” That is right all pig farmers are also committing a sin. Once more, the point can not be stressed enough, every sin in God’s eyes is the same.

In June Maddow’s MSNBC show was the only cable news show nominated Abortion clinic for a Television Critics Associationaward in the Outstanding Achievement in News and Information category.

Remember to give thanks to God for everything that happens to you- good, bad or indifferent. Thank you God. We cannot always explain or justify events in our lives. Why me? Why my best friend? Why my family? We don’t know. God knows why. Still give thanks to God for His Love is everlasting.

As we begin to read the developing nature of this story and learn of its unfolding events we will be reintroduced to the issue of late-term abortions, the sanctity of life and taking the law into our own hands. Let us all examine our feelings and emotions regarding the murder of Dr. Tiller. If joy, happiness or any kind of pleasurable sentiment overcomes you, deliberately examine this within the context of your spiritual journey. Would any great spiritual leader of any time in history espouse those emotions in reaction to murder?

Today, I am stunned to see homosexuality promoted as a desirable alternate life style in our public schools. I known three young men who call themselves gays, but they are actually the unhappy people I know. One recently died of AIDS, and the misery and suffering the other two have gone through is enough to convince me that not one single tax dollars should ever be spent to promote this life style. If you dare protest its spread into the public schools, you are labeled ignorant, a trampler of civil rights, a hate-monger, and a gay-basher. Today, my archaic views on the subject are called politically incorrect.

I do not believe that anyone after seeing the size of a premature baby or one of those new 3D imaging sonograms, I do not believe that anyone having seen that can still be for abortion without surrendering their humanity in the process. The question is now what are you going to do about it, because Death Is Not a Choice.