I Want My Husband To Love Me Again – 3 Ways To Rekindle Your Romance

While meeting up with a friend over lunch the other day, she told me in no uncertain terms that she felt it was foolish to want to get back together with an ex boyfriend. I was of course, horrified by this statement. How could she dare to make such a blanket statement without knowing the circumstances and situations behind each relationship? “I don’t care who you are, you’re stupid if you want to get your ex boyfriend back,'” she told me, practically spitting the words out. So I asked her to tell me exactly why she thought this was true. These were the three reasons she gave to back up her statement.

The more romantic at heart can opt for a great romantic meal. The traditional and intimate candle light dinner still tops the list of romantic things to do for your other half. The focus here is not on the food- which could very well be ordered from a restaurant- but on the atmosphere, the intimacy and partaking of one of life’s pleasures together. You may even add to atmosphere by hiring a guitar or violin player to play love songs as you savor your meal and each other’s company.

Denzel Washington gives what could be the best performance of his career as a pilot who saves a planeload of passengers while flying drunk. The trailers sold it as a thriller but it is really a masterful character study of a basically good man ruled by his addictions.

When learning how to approach a woman the only way to master and get rid of anxiety is by first admitting you have a problem in this particular area and stop making excuses. Start by getting out there and meeting new people, regardless of your situation. Apply yourself, stop limiting yourself with your hopeless thoughts. Truth is that, in each one of us there is a “pick up guru” lying inside and that only gets to be found by the dedicated few, the perks come in the form of a happy and fulfilling romantic life.

Go on a hay rack ride together. It’s a good excuse to cuddle up and enjoy the crisp fall air together, plus some good conversation. This site lists many hay rack rides in Kansas. Be sure to bring along a thermos of hot chocolate (check out this recipe for a homeade version – yum!) or your favorite adult beverage.

As you likely know, the royal wedding will be held at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, 2011. On this day, Prince William of Wales, will wed his fiance and girlfriend of nearly a decade (on and off), Kate Middleton, making her a princess and making royal watchers around the world swoon from the call girls in karachi of it all. However, time zones mean that the royal wedding start time will vary from region to region, country to country, and time zone to time zone.

The beauty of online social networking recently collided me with a Facebook friend called Steve, who sent me a message to say thankfully he didn’t need my help because his marriage to Coral has just reached its 30 year anniversary. Delighted and warmed by his words, I got to wondering just what does keep love alive for that long nowadays? I asked him if he would share with us his insights from his long and happy marriage and was thrilled when he agreed!

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