India Vs. Pakistan Military Match-Ups: Personal Weapons

In June 1986, I passed my B.Com final year with very good position in the college. After two weeks I went to my college, to collect my character certificate. When I was coming back on the bi-cycle, heavy rain started. I turned my cycle to a tree to take shelter from heavy rain. I fall down with my cycle. My right hand got fractured. Then suddenly rain stopped. I took my cycle and pull on the cycle. I could not use my right hand, becausing it was too soaring.

If you don’t have a tag, you can always use one of those paper tags that they have at airline counters. Put one of those on anyway… it will add to the “uniqueness” of your bag.

I had occasion to test one such weapon. The weapon is sturdy and has a barrel length of 76.2mm. The weapon is quite light and weighs only 700gm. It uses 0.32 Smith and Wesson 7.62 caliber cartridges.

A first look at the weapon does not please the eye. You can see the shoddy finish of the weapon and the engravings are effected in a crude manner. The revolver details and number could have been etched in a better way. Attention to the finer points of the weapon is sadly lacking. I compared it with the original Webley and the shoddy piece of workmanship of the IOF weapon clearly stands out.

The Los Angeles Raiders slammed the Washington Redskins 38-9 in the Super Bowl, and the Detroit Tigers overwhelmed the San Diego Padres 4-1 to win the World Series. The NBA Championships went to the Boston Celtic as they managed to squeeze past the Los Angeles Lakers 4-3, and the Edmonton Oilers reversed their fortunes against the New York Islanders in a rematch of 1983’s Stanley Cup, winning 4-1. However, the top 1984 sports story in America was the staging of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles; gymnast Mary Lou Retton becomes a household name.

But the state and central governments could not allow dacoits to flourish and Pandit Nehru deployed Gurkhas to tackle the dacoit gangs. In 1955 Man Singh was shot by Gurkha troops of the Join Indian Army while he was resting under a tree. It was an anticlimax and Nehru could announce to parliament that the dreaded dacoit had been killed. His reign as a dacoit had lasted from 1939-55.

Unfortunately, the soldiers who constitute this army have been seriously let down by their earlier Chief, General Deepak Kapoor. The charges against General Kapoor are serious enough and merit a court of inquiry and perhaps even a court martial under the Army Act 1950.

The Japanese were pushed back through Burma. It was bitter fighting but the ‘Forgotten army’ carried the day. Now when more that 60 years have elapsed it is incumbent on historians to give credit to Field Marshal Slim’s forgotten army. The soldiers who fought along with this army certainly deserve it.