Keynote Speaker + The Importance Of Having One For Your Event

Conference season for women entrepreneurs is in full swing! Over the next few weeks, I’m attending multiple events as a keynote speaker, as well as an attendee. This time of year is perfect to get out of the office and connect with potential business resources and new clients. The key is to be prepared for success. “Showing up” won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. The key is to show up with a strategy that works.

Here is how the message that was played behind the stiletto of a woman not visible to anyone in the hall or through the television tube. Thou pictures of Ms. Ann Dunham was shown repeatedly over the giant, larger than Braves Centerfield television screen with never before seen homemade videos of herself and the President during his younger years.

There are a number of fields where such speakers are absolutely necessary. One is the healthcare field. The people who are in this profession see so much damage to human beings, so much blood and loss of life every day that they are bound to be a little low after a few days. There is nothing like a little humor to put the spring back in their step, and make them feel good while they get back to their work.

Grab Your Seat Research events happening in your professional speaker area where your ideal client will attend and mark your calendar to attend those events. In-person networking is hands down the number one way to get solid clients and connect with potential referral sources.

From Feb. 16th through March 27th draw the line between reality and illusion when Dallas-based collectors Karol Howard and George Morton guest curate this exhibit of Asian contemporary art showcasing the works of local artist Kana Harada. She traveled with two collectors to Japan last spring. The exhibit aptly titled Between Reality and Illusion also features pieces from Michael Kon Li Yonbin corporate keynote speaker Liu Ren Lui Ding Shintaro Sato Hiroyuki Doi and University of North Texas graduate Xiaoze Xie. Hours are Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Marty Walker Gallery, 2135 Farrington Street in Dallas. For additional details, call 214-749-0066.

In the case of using your own equipment, something could break down at the last minute. In that case you want a rental company that offers next day or even same-day service. Have a plan in case things go wrong, because something usually will at some point. If you have equipment but you’re not sure if it’s up to the task, you should contact a rental company right away and get the right equipment.

Have you no shame? Have you no morality? By the way, what type of gods do you serve in on your pursuit of personal gains? Who are you beholding to? What are your motives? What brung you to where you are and where are you going with it? I am here to make a prediction that must surely come through…..My prediction is……To be continued!