Michigan Examiner Takes A Seat At The Big 10 Conference Football Roundtable

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So much for Pierre Garcon having one of the worst seasons for a Colts receiver ever. He was inconsistent early in the season but in recent weeks as he has gotten closer to full health has been what he appeared on his way to being best games last season a physical receiver with speed and one with a chance to develop into a big-time receiver.

Both teams went back and forth for the rest of the quarter until Felton made all three free throws when Pierce inexplicably fouled him with 0.1 seconds left to give New York a 90-83 lead.

RCT may be a decade old, but it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is a near-perfect game I’d give this classic a 10 even today. There aren’t a lot of glitches and if there were the patches take care of them now. It’s not the prettiest game in the world but what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for with ease of use and replayability. I’ve returned to the game after 10 years meaning it’s got something to it making it worthy of a perfect score. If you’re looking for a classic simulator that requires building skill and micromanagement glory go ahead and pick this game back up. The patches and everything you need to run the game can be found at Atari’s website. Start building and start managing your theme park today!