Portland, Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban And Pet Waste

South Florida residents face a plethora of pests because of the warm humid climate, so it was very unfortunate to hear about the arrival of bed bugs in West Palm Beach. Florida tourists and travelers have brought extra passengers with them and area hotels are now battling the problem on a daily basis. But for those that understand the threat, how to avoid it and how to deal with it once it has broken through your defenses are the ones that come out on top. If you’re new to bed bug control, this article is for you.

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As public awareness increases, on this problem, the admission process, in some hospitals, now includes asking patients if they have been exposed to bedbugs – while they are being asked about their name and insurance information.

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Would it be worth it to bring a change of clothes (in a zip-lock plastic bag) to work every day and change before leaving for home? Heat kills the bedbugs in the washer and dryer, so you could take your uniform home in a sealed plastic bag and wash it as soon as possible. You can wipe down your shoes with alcohol, and that would help. Protecting yourself, and your loved ones, is up to you.

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