Ppc And The Blog Effect

Every webmaster keeps trying to get his webpage on first page of search result though few can do it. Search engines always change their algorithm to rank a site. So you should be aware of the latest change in search engine ranking factors. In this article, I shall talk about some important search engine ranking factors you must consider to get your page on first page of search result.

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There is a dark side to all this. There are several major social networking applications running authorized to collect information about their users. What is clear is their profile game. That is, there is a third party, capturing their work, date, and they married, and their children are all out of hand. Who knows what else they can capture, if this social profile is fair game then. It even their home address, if a user can not close.

The good part about income from blogging is that once you promote, the links continue to bounce around in cyberspace, and it’s only a matter of time before someone clicks on your permalink, views your post, clicks on your links that lead to your capture page… and whala – you have a lead!

You can try your hand at fiction, non fiction , prose or poetry, whichever form of writing that you are interested to incorporate in your blog. You may explore any ideas that you may want to write about. The only thing that can stop you is your imagination. This is why Like my page are considered by writers as very liberating.

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Well, these are What should be your concern when you are looking for free blog hosting and it’s very important to give the least effort before you start to invest any time to your personal blog.