Raising Income By Blogging

Here are some tips on how to set yourself straight and on target for success. These simple hints are talked about by many personal trainers and might seem easy things, but in fact, they take a lot of willpower and concentration to stick with.

Become friends with librarians, they love to promote local newly published authors. They simply buy books. The more they like your level of professionalism and book content, the more they will put your book in different branches. Librarians also allow you to promote your book by public book readings. Some will even pay a stipend for your visit. Some of the librarians we have worked with have been very generous.

Your website can either be in the form of a simple blog or as elaborate as a full-fledged e-commerce site. Whatever it is, you need a good, reliable, and cheap web hosting company to host your site. With thousands of web hosting companies out there, how do you choose one that meets your needs?

If you get a new domain, log into your cpanel and click the Fantastico button (it’s a little smiley face). On the left sidebar, under see my profile pic, click WordPress. Then click New Installation. From the drop down directory, choose the domain you want it to reside on.

But, don’t expect overnight riches. In fact, don’t expect a dime for at least 3 to 5 months after you start your blog. If money is the primary reason why you blog, you might burn out.

If you have trouble keeping yourself disciplined to stay away from unproductive surfing, get yourself a kitchen timer and set it for a fixed amount of time that you allow yourself to do those things. When the timer goes off, you will know that you have spent your allocated time. If you do not keep track of your time, the whole day could go by and you will realize that you have not achieved any of your goals.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that a good website is like fine wine or cheese. The longer you blog ages and is allowed to develop, the more valuable your blog will be.