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When selling your home “For Sale by Owner” (aka FSBO), your lender usually prepares a “Good Faith Estimate” of closing costs. You are entitled to receive this estimate no later than three business days after you apply for a loan. Because it is an estimate of the costs you may incur, it may not contain all potential costs. The lender will not know what all of the costs are going to be. The “Good Faith Estimate” will be an estimate based on previous experience. Actual closing expenses usually exceed the estimate. To avoid problems, go prepared to pay more than the amount listed on your estimate.

In 2009, Utah came to town, and New Mexico and Utah were fighting for the lead in the conference, and I wanted to see this game, too. When I called about tickets to the game, I was told, that they now cost $19.00! WHAT?

___ Start home shopping. Browse online listings. Look in newspapers, and real estate guides. Find a real estate agent that is active in the area you are interested in, and with the types of houses you are looking for. Consider a buyer’s agent. Explain clearly what you are looking for. If the agent shows you homes that clearly don’t fit your criteria, fire him. Take notes on homes you see.

For fastening the entire procedure, you must take help from real estate brokers. This is because every prospective buyer first contacts a broker and explains to him their needs. Chances are very rare that people will directly contact you for buying your property. Obviously, the broker will ask for his commission, but will also help you in striking a profitable deal. This is because the greater profit you’ll earn the larger share he gets as a commission.

The next day I received a call from my Online Broker Test telling me that we had an offer on the house for nearly the asking price. While in the process of completing my counter-offer (and having it accepted), she called again the next day and told me we had another offer if the first one fell through. For the next few hours, I was busy faxing and signing agreements securing the sale of my home and office to one of two parties.

Set all excuses aside and get out and visit Realtors. Go in person or cold call to make appointments. One thing is certain. Week after week of placing your face in front of your targeted Realtors will start to bring in business. How you service your clients will keep that mortgage lead faucet on.

Loan Originators have taken a beating these past few years and it’s time to grow your mortgage business by creating endless mortgage leads. Do it now. Have fun. Ask for a new wheel barrel for Christmas. You’ll need it to carry all your commissions to the bank!