Shop For Father’s Day At Old Navy’s 1/2 Off Sale

Wear metal cuffs over full sleeved shirts for a fashion forward and chic look. You can even wear them over chunky sweaters to add a hint of glamour to the overall look.

There are many light fabrics and all sorts of basic colors in the collection. Pink yellow black red green and even some metallic silver is in the collection in pieces such as skirts Parachute Eccentricity dresses swimsuits tops and leggings.

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The WD mesh bib necklace dates back to the 1970 and 80s. The toughest question you’ll have to ask yourself is what color (silver or gold are the most common). I just bought my necklace in silver and am looking forward to using the statement maker to jazz up my casual wear. I’m thinking a loose white tee and jeans cut off shorts when summer roles around This is a loud piece so you want to keep o lech tam everything you wear with it super simple.

Remember, you are buying at a huge discount. If a piece does not fit quite right but is otherwise perfect for you buy it and splurge on alterations you’ll likely Parachute eccentricity still come out ahead money wise.

Lucy’s is open 11-7 Monday – Saturday, 12-6 Sunday. Lucy in Disguise is located in Austin’s SoCo district; you can spend an entire day shopping all of the stores.

Yes, absolutely. My first concept was to bring my version of a circle/infinity scarf and from there it’s transitioning into a top worn as a tunic and selected pieces can also be worn as a bandeau. Stay tuned as things continue to unfold!