The Best Jobs For 18 Year Olds – Highest Paying

Are you exploring and comparing career choices? Do you want to make a lot of money? Do you want a job that pays well, but does not require a college degree? Are you okay with putting your safety at risk to make some extra money?

The number one of the highest paying finance jobs is the medical professional. These professionals receive a median salary of $166,400+ and spend 10 to 15 years of their life training for their career. Surgeons and specialists such as anesthesiologists are among the highest paid in the medical profession. Surgeons who specialize in a certain area like heart, brain or spine are highly sought after and thus highly compensated. Think about it, the higher the specialty, the higher the market demand for a medical professional. Like everything else, the labor market is based on supply and demand. If you are in a field with a large supply, your demand will be lower and thus your compensation will be lower.

Some jobs can pay pretty well even without high skill levels required to get a start, but the people who earn the most are usually quite skilled at what they do. Inside sales jobs, for example, can pay quite well, but the best sales jobs pay on commission, and until you learn how to close sales, your income may be quite low. More basic home based sales or customer service positions may not pay all that well. You can check with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn what jobs typically pay, although their stats do not separate out work at home salaries.

Now, I have fixed my van, I have a new job that pays great, and I’m doing freelance work for some amazing clients, who are both fun to work with and generous. I also run my own successful business. I’ve made peace with my parents and have moved on and even have found new girls that I’m interested in.

Data submitting jobs are one of the highest paying jobs there is online to date without having a website and is definitely the way to go for anyone trying to make money from home. Many have reported earning from $200-$500 per day with these programs with time and effort of course. One should never expect to make this kind of money with any job overnight. This takes time so one should always be realistic when it comes to making money from home and realize that these are not get rich schemes, but they are real jobs that will bring in real income in the long run. Ad posting jobs are the number one pick in my book when it comes to online jobs.

If you’re tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, and you’re ready to make a positive change… on. I’ll take you on a tour of three different career programs in Orlando that all require less than 18 month commitments and not a whole lot of money – in fact, in MOST cases, the less money you have the more FREE money and support you’ll get from the federal government to attend these programs.

Then there are those who get high paying jobs from agencies or law firms because of their school experience. These are the teenagers who have a beefed up ‘resume’ because of their contribution to their school activities and school organizations. If you can say the same thing, then use this to your advantage. Cross your fingers and hope you get the highest paying and best jobs for 18 year olds that are available out there.

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