The Magic Of The Mexican Diet

Take a look at your latest grocery receipt. How much do your meat purchases add up to? Twenty percent? Thirty? If you are feeding a typical family, your meat expenses are hefty. Going meatless a few nights a week can save you significant sums of money at the grocery store.

Return meat to pan. Reduce heat to medium and stir in onion and garlic. Cook 5 minutes. Add seasonings, vinegar and potato liquid; simmer for 20 minutes. Taste and adjust as desired.

O’Neill Surf Shop in Capitola is located at 1115 41st Avenue. They are right across the street from spa fitness. O’Neill Surf Shop takes their surfing seriously. You can find out the local surf report by calling (831) 475-4151 and press 1.

Shepherd’s pie. Traditionally the bottom layer was ground lamb, although in my family we used taco recipes, and this was followed with a layer of mashed potatoes. We also usually put cooked carrots in between the beef and potatoes. There are many variations to this though and also under the names of cottage pie and fisherman’s pie.

Let’s face it, we all want to look hot in our swimsuits. No matter if you are pear shaped, apple shaped, have big thighs or a large chest. Pac Sun has the answer to all your swimsuit needs. They are located at 2200 Eastridge Loop at the Eastridge Mall.

Underdogs is located at 19th Ave and Irving, and the $1 tacos pollo are available every Tuesday night from 5-8pm. They have free Wi-Fi access and have flat screen TV’s showing sporting events, including UFC fights.

Remember that you cannot stuff a turkey with gluten-containing bread and safely serve a slice to your child. It will be contaminated. Prepare the stuffing separately and use gluten-free bread. (See our recipe section for an incredible stuffing recipe.) Or make an alternative to stuffing such as rice, G-F cornbread, or G-F dinner rolls. Delicious G-F gravy can be prepared with cornstarch and pan drippings rather than wheat flour.

Toga – One of the more popular ideas for theme party is the toga party. Dress like the ancient Greeks in bed sheet and light plenty of candles to illuminate the room. Make sure you’re playing classical music. A favourite amongst students due to it’s simplicity but don’t underestimate the fun you’ll have.

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