Website Building – Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Want Best Visibility

As a business owner you know you must be seen to attract clients or customers. This does not mean you must have a billboard, balloons hanging on your store front or a person out front of your business holding a sign. There are many no cost and low cost things you can do to increase your visibility. My seven avenues below will help you increase your visibility and drive traffic to your website or squeeze page.

Okay, now moving on with my assignments from my relentless taskmaster Ron… I enjoyed writing The Tour (make sure you visit us at TellingTouch and let me know what you think!)–writing creatively and expressing the nuts and bolts of a matter with flair and personality! It’s such a high!

You can increase Online visibility by becoming more aware of this pattern. For example, notice how many times you hold your breath in the next hour. Extend it for a longer period if you like, but an hour is long enough. As soon as you catch yourself, you can breathe again. You’ll be surprised how often you stop.

1) Be fair. Think about your wedding party, are you going to ask all of the members to cover their tattoos too? Better yet, are you covering your own tattoos? If yes, carry on. If no, think about why you are asking your friend to cover her tattoo. Is there something within the tattoo that specifically offends you? Possibly a topless Betty Paige? If you are not going to ask the other members of the bridal party to cover up, then you need to tactfully convey your message to the bridesmaid in question.

It could be that your staff are called out to dangerous situations or hazardous environments. Perhaps they deal with chemical spills, clean up after traffic accidents, or investigate the cause of fires. They’ll need to remain safe and visible at all times, and ensure that bystanders are aware of who is in control of the situation.

“Work is love made visible” had obviously been churning away in my sub-conscience, and today was the day that it decided to burst out like a tiger jumping through a burning hoop!

YouTube – Turn the points from your article into a few PowerPoint slides, record your screen while you talk about the points and now you have a video article increasing your online visibility.